Why A Webinar?

Find out just how easy and affordable it can be!

WEBINARS - Build Something Better

Why a Webinar?

Dental Industry Training Webinar Tired of spending thousands of dollars for you & your staff to attend dental meetings? Are you aware of the unnecessary and unproductive Time you spend out of the office, to learn the latest in dental techniques, management, equipment, etc.? Is there an answer to this poor time management issue? The answer to those questions is a BIG “YES.” There is a POWERFUL TOOL – a web-based seminar, better known as a webinar. This affords you to project a message to large and small audiences.

Webinar Online ConferenceAcademy of General Dentistry

Long Distance Dental Convention

Ever consider the cost of attending a distant dental convention?

Web-based Seminar for DentistA web-based seminar, better known as a webinar, is a way to project a message to large and small audiences, without asking guests to spend time and money traveling to a distant physical location. Webinars can keep EXPENSES LOW and provide ATTENDEES with a way to save thousands of dollars on remote3 conference/meetings related expenses. Rather than attend dental meetings, the webinar speaker can conduct the webinar from his/her office of business, and the attendees can watch and interact from wherever they please. It definitely eliminates the need for costly travel. Let’s use the example of a doctor/spouse taking four of his/her team to a remote location dental meeting.

Attending a Distant Dental Convention
Dental Team Building
Dental Meeting

6 round-trip airfares
averaging $325


3 hotel rooms $285
average for 3 nights


$95 per day, per person
for meals for 3 days

$1950 + $2265 + $1710 = GRAND TOAL $6225

Dental Industry Experts Webinar

Dental Business Experts Webinar Here’s an idea! Try a webinar for a FRACTION of the cost of an out of town conference! What if the Doctor considered the cost of attending a remote dental convention and instead decided to have an informative 3-hour webinar at his/her home/office and include the TEAM. A Super team building exercise, Great information, no TRAVEL or any other Big Expense, and a real big plus…everyone had supper at home that night!


No airfare single
tuition fee staff included


No hotel rooms in the
comfort of your own home


Food: Large pizza,
soda, coffee, snacks

$325 + $0 + $100 = GRAND TOAL $425

Benefits of Attending a Webinar

1 - We Don’t Pitch

This Rule is absolute. We will never pitch our attendees to ever pay for a webinar and subject them to a pitch to purchase a product.

2 - Relevant Topics

Webinars are better positioned than conferences or seminars to deliver relevant, timely information for the attendees. Our webinars are polished, interesting and well-presented.

3 - Knowledgeable Experts

We have been fortunate to have some of the most esteemed dental industry experts make presentations at our Webinars. They ranged from leading clinicians, educators, business consultants, to product specialists and technology gurus.

4 - Follow Up

We write to everyone after the webinar, asking for direct feedback on the presentation. We offer all attendees slides, video, and any additional handout information that will help them.

5 - Convenience

Since Webinars take place over the Internet directly on your computer, there is no need to leave your office or home or factor in travel time.

6 - Quality Learning

We repeatedly inform our attendees what they will learn, what they are learning, and what they should have learned. With the use of PowerPoint we are able to break down complex ideas.

7 - Go Live

The big reason people have signed on to our webinars is because we have live Question & Answer sessions, in fact it is the primary draw.

8 - Recorded Webinars

Unlike traditional conferences, it’s extremely easy (and cost-effective) to record our entire webinar – and our audiences have thanked us for it!

9 - Webinars Are Archived

This allows our audience to relive our webinar content at their convenience and a later date.

10 - Renowned Engaging Speakers

They are nationally and internationally renowned and have appeared on all the major dental meetings in the United States. All have expertise engaging a remote audience.

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