What The Best Leaders Understand About Themselves

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What The Best Leaders Understand About Themselves

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Leadership is for most dentists an under developed necessary strength for practice SUCCESS. Are you in touch with your values, motivations and goals? These 6 steps will start your journey of self-discovery so you can lead your practice to success.

Truly great leaders know themselves well. They understand their dreams, aspirations and what motivates them to succeed, and this knowledge allows them to lead well and inspire others to succeed.

From Thomas Edison to Mary Kay Ash to Steve Jobs, great leaders throughout history tap into their strengths, talents and even their quirks to become world changers.

When a leader doesn’t explore who he or she is, it’s like buying a new car and not knowing what type of fuel is best suited for the vehicle. The car may still run, but it will not run optimally, and in the long run, it will likely break down. Knowing who you are allows you to perform at your best. You’ll have greater energy and be more effective and productive.

To develop your true potential as a leader, your first step is to get on the road to self-discovery. Here’s how to begin and chart your course:

Discover Your Values

Without exception, great leaders possess high levels of self-awareness and clarity of motivation, and this understanding comes from discovering their unique values. Values vary among dentists. Some business owners value consistency, while others value authenticity. In my perception the number-one value is alignment—being aligned in business and life matters to me most. Understanding this, along with your other top values, gives you a clear vision of what you want and how you can best lead.

Identify Your Values

You can discover what’s really important to you by answering these six questions:
  • What matters to you in your family life?
  • What makes you feel energized at work?
  • What is it that makes you cringe, and why does it bother you?
  • What are you unwilling to give up?
  • When you start something, what pushes you to finish it?
  • What are your most treasured memories?

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