Top 10 Business Tips

Top 10 Business Tips

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1. Listen more than you talk. If you don’t, you’ll ruin your chance to be truly helpful to your customers.

2. Don’t leave voicemails longer than 30 seconds long.Any longer and you’re invading someone’s schedule and wasting their time (and yours).

3. Treating employees like people, not numbers, is the best thing you can do to keep them happy. Surprise: A new survey shows they want something other than more money.

4. Listen to podcasts to sharpen your skills on the go.They are often free, quite helpful and are easy to consume if you’re at the gym, on your commute or traveling long distance.

5. Is your business working? July is the perfect time to examine whether the plan you implemented back in January is performing. There’s still time to adjust if you want better results.

6. Appreciating others is one thing you can do to be happier at work. The effects of gratitude on mood and overall wellbeing will make your days brighter.

7. If you think your office is productive, think again. Apparently they’re not at all conducive to productivity, according to some studies. 8. When it comes to productivity, sometimes low tech is best. Experiment with banning interoffice chat, social media sites or even productivity apps; you may be surprised with the results.

9. Hire an English major. Why? Because they have superior writing skills and most often express empathy, a key emotion for running a successful dental practice (business).

10. Are you following #hashtag etiquette on Facebook? Listen to the crowd, and use them to engage and market, but be careful not to overuse: it can get distracting and will ultimately take away from your message.

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