The Six Secrets to a Fulfilling Life

The Six Secrets to a Fulfilling Life

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1.In life it doesn’t matter how many times you stumble and fall down. What really counts is how many you stumble and get back up.

2.Live each day as if it’s your last. It just might be.

3.Set Goals you can stay passionate about. Passion is power.

4.In order to receive, you have to believe.

5.Start each day with prayer. Thank God daily for everything you have. Gratitude improves your attitude.

6.MONEY is important, but remember, money can buy a nice house but it can’t buy a home. Money can buy a nice bed but it can’t buy a good night’s sleep. It can buy food but not an appetite. It can buy medicine but it can’t buy health. And it, can buy companionship but it can’t buy LOVE.

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