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What they are saying around the country

Gordon Christensen

“Hugh Doherty is a “Master” at teaching the intricacies of management, personal and practice finance. His lecture to our dental group was one of the most informative and well presented programs we have offered in Provo.”

- Gordon Christensen DDS, MSD PhD, Provo Utah -

Pi & Dan TruonoHugh and Ginger Doherty have been the two most significant people implementing change in our lives and dental practice. Their thorough evaluation of our practice, lifestyles and personal finances have helped us tremendously. We value them not only as consultants, but as true friends. We would not hesitate recommending them to anyone who wants to set their lives on a path for continuous success.”
- Pi & Dan Truono DDS – Wilmington, Deleware -

Jo & Fred Riddle

“I just want to let you know how much Hugh’s coaching and consulting have immensely helped me in the over 25 years that we have known each other. My professional life and personal life have been impacted in such a manner that both of our lives have been made so much more enjoyable than so many people surrounding me. You taught the value of properly using money, running a practice, and still giving time to enjoy life. Thanks a million.”

- Jo & Fred Riddle, DDS Iowa City, Iowa -

Kris and Bud Kipka

“As far as a testimonial goes, I could write a book about the help you have given us over the years. It has made all the difference in the world for us, both personally and professionally. I only wish we had started with you earlier than we did. Your approach with us has been honest and sincere, but also tough in the sense that you wanted us to do our best and to do the right thing. You have been a great coach and we value all your help with the practice and with our personal goals. We also value, more than we can express, your friendship. You have been more than a coach, more than a friend, you have been family to us.”

- Kris and Bud Kipka DDS, Marquette, Michigan -

Debby & Chris Williams

“I worked with Hugh Doherty early in my career and am thankful that I had that golden opportunity. Hugh was light years ahead of most dentists long before being on “the cutting edge” was fashionable. His organization, systems, thirst for dental knowledge as well as the latest technology and hiring the best were the platform for his success…and now to my successful practice in Rockefeller Center. He has been my mentor but most importantly my friend.”

- Debby & Chris Williams, New York, New York -

Denise and Steve Murphree

“Having read a “Hugh Doherty” in so many Dental Magazines it was a natural process for us to hire him as our coach in the early 90’s. He enabled both of us to understand and work through the many challenges dentistry presents when husband and wife work together. He walked us through the delicate transition of hiring a new associate and then essentially selling him the practice. His Financial recommendations in our Practice as well as our Personal life have surpassed our goals. My new office today, which had only been a vision is a successful reality thanks to Hugh.”

- Denise and Steve Murphree DDS, Huntsville, Alabama -

Laurie and Ted Mason

“Hugh Doherty’s coaching and consulting approach has helped me immensely. My professional life and personal life have been impacted in such a manner that both lives have been made so much more successful and enjoyable. He taught me the value of properly managing my money, operating a practice in a business manner, and still have time to enjoy life. I am and I will always be ever grateful to him.”

- Laurie and Ted Mason DDS, Wichita, Kansas -

Dawn and Mike Scherb

“I met Hugh Doherty over 25 years ago at a Golf Outing in Orlando sponsored by the Florida Dental Congress. That brief encounter changed my life forever. Hugh mentored and guided me through the maze of becoming an excellent dentist. “Take Pete Dawson’s course and go to Pankey “ (where I now teach) I paid attention to every recommendation which has lead me to the successful practice that I have today.”

- Dawn and Mike Scherb DDS, Jupiter, Florida -

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