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Owning a SMALL BUSINESS will ask you to tap into your FULL POTENTIAL so that you can serve your patients, be flexible and innovative, and juggle all the demands of your PRACTICE.

Through small business coaching and seminars, we empower you to INCREASE YOUR REVENUE and REACH to have a CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION for your PRACTICE, and stop working so hard.

A small business coach helps you with strategies and techniques to CREATE BUSINESS SUCCESS and to think strategically about moving your business forward.

Dental Marketing Consultant
Business Coaching for Dentists
  • Increase REVENUE and create steady PROFITS

  • Learn specific MARKETING and business SKILLS

  • Expand your REACH and find NEW PATIENTS

  • Craft a cohesive ACTION PLAN for growing your business

  • Boost CLARITY about your business VISION and big projects

  • Create sustainable MOTIVATION and ACCOUNTABILITY

  • Manage YOUR TIME Wisely

  • Prioritize Your TASKS so you know what to do first

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed -develop a both a BUSINESS PLAN and a STRATEGIC PLAN

Dental Business Plan and Strategic Plan

The Harvard Business School study found that 70% of CHANGE EFFORTS fail. Leadership IQ study found that mismanaging change is the #1 reason why executives lose their jobs.

Why is CHANGE so hard? For one, leaders must help themselves manage CHANGE, all while helping others cope with CHANGE. And most typical top-down structures ignore the psychological aspect of CHANGE, focusing only on delivering a great pitch. Meanwhile, listeners catastrophize the message, jumping to conclusions and making irrational interpretations about the impact the CHANGE will have on them.

Dentist life and business coachTo be successful you must learn how to accelerate your CHANGE management process, and reframe your communications to your team.

You must spend time making CHANGE more appealing, and learn how to manage your team’s’ emotions about CHANGE so they feel excited, instead of scared!

Main reasons people resist change
  1. Who the changes will impact

  2. How the changes will impact them

  3. Fear of the unknown/surprise

  4. Loss of job security/control

  5. Heaping too much change on employees

Dental Management Companies
Business Consulting Services

BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. What is the end all business owner’s wants to achieve? It is the end that every business desires and that is to Improve their top and bottom line. Make greater peace, grace and ease in recruiting, and managing your team. Have a robust infrastructure with SYSTEMS that guides and deftly directs the business. Have greater certainty in decision-making in critical areas to improve performance. Develop a keen ability to foresee the future and then invents strategies and tactics to meet it. Generate abilities to handle conflicts and reduce upsets. Enhance competitive competencies to continually succeed in the market. Continuously improve your abilities as an owner, manager and market.


Need a Dental Business Coach

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer one of the greatest golfers of all time couldn't see what he was doing while swinging a golf club. All sports professionals know that to improve performance you need a coach. Coaching involves a particular kind of relationship.

Dentist Career Coach

Coach Vince Lombardi

The relationship between a coach and his or her players or student is SPECIAL and SPECIFIC. Coach Vince Lombardi developed the Green Bay Packers football team into world champions. What were Coach Lombardi’s methods to achieve such fantastic success? Both the coach and players were COMMITTED to the players BEST PERFORMANCE. Both were committed to WINNING the game. All of that takes place inside PERFORMANCES being clearly defined by measurable outcomes and accomplishments. A coach provides a committed PARTNERSHIP, something generally lacking by dentists in their practice. Dentists almost always want to GO IT ALONE. They pretend everything is going well. The BIGGEST MISTAKE they make is to ignore the BUSINESS SIDE of the practice, which they never learned in school. They are the impression clinical is secret to success. Click the button below to check our client testimonials. They learned how to play the GAME OF BUSINESS successfully and WON!

How does coaching work

A coach EMPOWERS you to do those things that MUST BE DONE. The things you ALWAYS AVOID DOING or afraid to do,ie CONFRONTING an underperforming team member, ASKING PATIENTS FOR REFERRAls, Generating a BUDGET And managing by it, Developing a strategic plan and MEASURING YOURSELF AGAINST IT, Setting targets and GOALS, Getting charts done, having a straight honest conversation with YOUR LAB, Having a DIFFICULT CONVERSATION with your team or associate doctor, Coaches will ask you to do things that you don't want to, and if the relationship between you and your coach is not in place, you won't do them. That’s when, FAILURE is on the HORIZON, with no SUCCESS in sight

 Dental Practice Experts

There’s no question that vision is a critical, driving force in your dental practice. Vision is the rallying cry that excites passion in your team and gives everyone a common goal to strive for. A vision is a bold view of the future that you and your dental practice have and that you feel in your gut is possible. It is a future that you know you can commit to achieving.. It is a future base not on the past. It is a future that isn’t based on your current identity or ego.

Center for Dental Excellence

The Power Of The Vision allows you to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, to be bigger and bolder than you realize you are, to take greater risks and ultimately to produce far greater results. The implementation role of the Leader Doctor is to live according to the vision and values and to support the staff TEAM in making it happen. Micro-managing the implementation of the VISION leads to failure.

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Dental Business Coaching and Seminars

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