Let’s “REVIEW” The Working Condition Of The “NUTS AND BOLTS”
That Operate Your Practice!

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Dental Practice Management SolutionsThe objective of performing a PRACTICE ASSESSMENT is to maximize the SUCCESS of your dental practice. We take apart the practice to see how well it works and make sure that all your SYSTEMS are in working order. This process is termed REVERSE ENGINEERING.

Practice Management in Dentistry

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We will go over all the areas to show you what is working well and where you might have a few growth opportunities. If you would like a better LIFESTYLE and PRACTICE, you must take CONTROL of your dental practice. Our practice management program can be tailored to meet your specific GOALS and CHALLENGES.

Benefits of Reverse Engineering
  • Enjoy a thriving practice without any concerns about potential breakdown or lost momentum with no hidden PROBLEMS.

  • Enhance Your “Key Performance Indicators” (KPI’s). The Mighty Power of Metrics, many of us have heard the sage advice “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” This is particularly true in a dental practice, where Effective Performance Measurement is not just a Necessity, but a pre-requisite ultimate for effective Decision-Making.

  • An ultimate PRACTICE GROWTH STRATEGY, in simple terms, is a documented plan on how a business is setting out to achieve their GOALS. A BUSINESS STRATEGY contains a number of (KPI) Key Performance Indicators that outlines how your practice will go about, dealing with your COMPETITORS. KPI’s will look at the needs and expectations of PATIENTS. They will examine the long term growth and sustainability of your practice. One of our most important part of our teaching curriculum is to educate and help you understand the power of each individual KPI.

The reason why having a STRATEGY is so important is because it gives the practice time to get a sense of how well or poorly the practice is preforming, what their capabilities are, and if they have the ability to help the practice continually GROW.

Health Assessment

Dentist’s in the United States

 Dental Practice Experts

This quotation is also the title of an excellent article every dentist should read, written by Dr. Lee Ann Brady, Phoenix, Arizona, one of the most outstanding dentist’s in the United States. Her mantra is well stated. “Becoming a new patient begins with a comprehensive evaluation, discovering the current conditions present and discussing the possibilities for improved health and aesthetics.” Well said by Lee Ann Brady, DDS. All quality caring great dentists complete a comprehensive exam on every new patient at the first appointment. This No slip shod guessing allowed is the message.

Practice Exam

Why blood pressure matters . . . Neglecting High BP can lead to serious Health Problem . . . These exams and their potential results and consequences should motivate you to take care of your arteries and live a heart healthier life.

Yes, uncontrolled high blood pressure (HBP) can injure or kill you. It's sometimes called "the silent killer" because HBP has no symptoms, so you may not be aware that it's damaging your arteries, heart and other organs. The message is the same with regards to your dental practice. Damaging effects can be happening in your practice silently to some of your SYSTEMS internally. This could be neglectful and also costly. Our well meaning and a great idea, Take Your Practice Exam (Assessment) TODAY!

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