Leadership Qualities  Staff  Want From  Their  Doctor

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Leadership Qualities  Staff  Want From  Their  Doctor

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Whether you are the head “honcho” of a Corporate America Company, or the leader doctor of a dental practice, it is a big challenge . As a leader in your organiz-ation, your success directly impacts your success and of people on your team. The right leadership qualities can propel your team forward — but the wrong one can bring everyone down.

In a survey I observed, em- ployees were asked to rate their boss on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being “horrible” and 5 being “excellent,” 38% of respondents chose 1. Only 17% chose 5. So when your employees complain about their horrible boss, they may not be stretching the truth.

These stats are bad news to all bosses. Another study showed the top four reasons employees quit, 31% said that it was because they disliked their boss.

So when barely 50% of employees are satisfied with their boss, they have no choice but to develop strong leadership capabilities, because otherwise they simply won’t be sustainable. Let’s look at some of the best leadership qualities to aim for.


Among the top things employees want to change about their doctor leader, many of them are about leadership qualities such as communications skills and empathy. Can these things actually be changed? In other words, are leaders born or made? Are the characteristics of a good leader learned or instinctive?

Here are the types of QUALITIES that spring from a person’s NATURAL CAPABILITIES:


    This powerful quality allows leaders to connect with their employees on a deeper level and understand how they’re feeling. It’s about putting yourself in other people’s shoes and spending more time listening rather than talking. When you have this level of understanding, you can make better decisions for everyone.


    We have all known a leader who is so in love with what they do and who believes so deeply in an idea or cause. It’s contagious! And passion sure can’t be faked. Passion is what motivates employees to go the extra mile, and most of the time, you are either passionate about something or you are not. There’s not a lot of middle ground. Most dentists are passionate about their profession.


    A humble leader is one who gives credit to others when deserved, who calls on colleagues for help, and who realizes that the success of their practice (Business) depends on all employees, not just the big boss. Ego is not something that develops overnight; the level of your ego is usually a part of your innate personality.

In contrast, here are the qualities that leaders can work to develop:


    An effective communicator clearly explains their vision, goals, tasks, deadlines, and expectations while inspiring and motivating their employees. Sure, some people are naturally more articulate or communicative than others, but being a skilled communicator takes time and practice.


    It may be easier to have tough conversations behind closed doors, but employees want to know and be in on what is going on. The best doctor leaders share where the practice (Business) is headed, what is going right or wrong, and what needs to be improved.


    If this were an innate quality, we would surely have more trust in the world. Unfortunately, building trust is one of the hardest things to do, and it takes a lot of time to foster personal relationships, act on promises, and show that you are someone of your word.

A healthy balance of natural capabilities coupled with the desire to learn will definitely produce the best leaders.



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