Dentistry’s Permanent Game Changers

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Dentistry’s Permanent Game Changers

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Dentistry now faces its very own set of rising challenges to the status quo. By themselves, these issues might have been confronted and dealt with successfully over time, without causing any great harm. But in the context of our wounded economy, serious competition from Corporate Dentistry is dramatically raising the Survival threat level for dentists.

  1. The Great Recession and Uninspiring Recovery
  2. Changes in Consumer Purchasing Habits
  3. Opening of New Dental Schools
  4. Decrease in Insurance Reimbursements
  5. Expansion of Dental Service Organizations (DSOs)
  6. Higher Dental School Student Loan Debt
  7. Fewer Associateship Opportunities for New Dentists to get hired. Fewer Associateship Opportunities for SENIOR Dentists to hire the new dentist
  8. Dentists and Specialists Practicing 8–10 Years Longer

Why Solo Practice Will Not Weather The Storm!

When it comes to the ‘business’ of dental practice, the majority of dentists are inflexible and unwilling to embrace change. Given this resistance, they are blind to the many opportunities becoming available as a result of these changes. They are unable to recognize the possibilities created by these changes and are unprepared to exploit them. Dentists fail to appreciate that competition, economics and technology are constantly combining forces that are reshaping dental delivery and the form of the dental practice.

One reason for their strong resistance is that dentists never aspired to master skills in business management or leadership. For them, becoming great clinicians was their primary focus, not to become great business leaders and managers. Management and leadership showed up as a “have to,” not a “want to.” showed up as a “have to,” not a “want to.”

“When your bridges behind you are demolished …then there is no choice but to move forward”
Thomas Edison

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