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Dental Business Consulting ServicesStandardized courteous experiences for PATIENT’S are becoming the norm. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s going to be HARDER TO STAND OUT from the crowd, especially if you DOCTOR and the PRACTICE around the corner are offering similar services. This is the dangerous dilemma most dental practices face.

Dental Practice GrowthYOU HAVE A PROBLEM …. With Today’s customer (PATIENT) who EXPECTS – no, DEMANDS – GREAT SERVICE that is more Personalized, Smarter, and Faster than ever before.

As PRACTICES become more and more similar, the public can purchase the same items or SERVICES just about anywhere. This means that people's buying decisions often will be based on how much something costs. PRACTICES must stand out, but it takes more than just a QUALITY PRODUCT Example Cosmetic Dentistry - It will absolutely positively require outstanding CUSTOMER SERVICE, also.

Business Goal is to Have Customer ServiceDental Business Management 

“Your business BUSINESS GOAL Is To Have CUSTOMER SERVICE That Is Not Just Superior - But LEGENDARY”

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Dental Health

Dental Practice Management SolutionsThis can be a deal-breaker. Everyone appreciates exceptional care, but for some people, even basic dental care isn’t affordable. There’s 2 issues here. One is AFFORDABILITY. What is pocket change to one is an astronomical fee to another. The other issue is VALUE. Not everyone places high value on their dental health. It can be a lot to spend if you need major work, and some people absolutely HATE spending hard-earned dollars on dentistry.

Practice Management in Dentistry
  1. RECOGNIZE-IDENTIFY and Educate Patients About Problems.

  2. EDUCATE PATIENTS ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES Of Not Having Those Problems Treated.

  3. POINT OUT THOSE PROBLEMS To The Dentist When He Or She Comes Into Hygiene.

Dental Consulting FirmsDental Practice Coaching

Guaranteed . . . Great Patient Education will put you in the WINNERS circle because you will be more Productive and Profitable

Dental Consultants

Your TEAM is the LIFEBLOOD of Your Practice, and they have the power to drive amazing customer experiences with each and every interaction, particularly the Phone. COMMUNICATION about the VALUE of your DOCTORS CARING ABILITIES must be one of your TEAM’S GREATEST ASSETS.

Excellent Dental Customer Service

“Excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE has always been and will always be one of the CRITICAL COMPETITIVE CHALLENGES for any and all DENTAL PRACTICE’S”

Dental Practice Management ProgramYour TEAM must tackle the challenges and deliver a level of SERVICE that not only MEETS YOUR PATIENTS EXPECTATIONS…….. BUT EXCEEDS THEM!

How to Positively Overcome the Competition

Learn how the two great companies RITZ CARLTON and Disneyland has the UNSURPASSED ABILITY to perform CUSTOMER SERVICE with the GREATEST of EXCELLENCE to overcome their competition.

Successful Dental Practice

If you take to heart the following recommendations for success you will operate your customer service within your dental practice . . . I promise you there will be no competition to worry about.

Dental Customer Service Excellence

First step to achieving successful CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT is to purchase both of these books immediately. No shortcuts allowed to become successful.

“CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE” has always been and will always be one of the critical competitive ADVANTAGES for any SERVICE BUSINESS.

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Customer Relationship Manual

It should be a well known fact that every practice must have a (CRM) Customer Relationship Manual that contains the guidelines how to treat your patients well. This is key to creating the kind of customer loyalty that can drive practice revenues and gain a competitive advantage over your competition. But it's easier said than done. Most leaders would agree that creating a stellar service culture is a key strategic imperative but they often lack a formal process for making this happen. Our focus is to help your practice develop such a necessary Customer Relationship Manual. A good starting point for would be to take the quiz below NOW!

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