CHANGING The Dental World As WE Know IT!!

CHANGING The Dental World As WE Know IT!!

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We Are witnessing some big worldwide CHANGES — great shifts of power. It means that we’re also witnessing the greatest shift in thinking.

Some of you may remain in old habits and perhaps feel panicked. Some may resist the CHANGE, or stay in denial. Perhaps the following bullet points on change, transition, and transformation will help support you — not only accept the CHANGES you experience, but to embrace them. When life throws you a curve ball, you may discover a “new” way of thinking and that you will not only survive during challenging times, but you will thrive:

  • CHANGE is the normal process of life. Life is not possible without change.
  • It is human nature to resist CHANGE. Most of us like what is familiar and predictable.
  • As normal as CHANGE is, it is common to resist it. You are not wrong, bad, or stubborn simply because you resist change.
  • It is common to fear the unknown.
  • CHANGE can cause us to examine our long-held beliefs and values.
  • Moving through CHANGE can be painful and feel uncomfortable, and is the only way to move forward.
  • Refusing to CHANGE does not mean that the world will not change around you. Refusing to CHANGE means you will be left behind.
  • As harsh as this may sound, some of us resist CHANGE because we are lazy. We simply do not want to invest our energy and time; we do not want to commit to a new way of being.
  • And to end on a reassuring note, the ability to CHANGE, adapt, and move forward often offer us new and wonderful opportunities beyond our imagination.

Together we’re creating a better world, and I am optimistic about where we’re going. It is not about judging the past. It is about recognizing what works and what does not. The past worked so well it got us where we are today, and now we’re ready for the FUTURE!

Before his death, Buckminster Fuller, said, “You’ll never CHANGE the existing reality by fighting the things that you do not like.” He said, “If you want to bring about CHANGE in your world, find a better way to do the same thing that makes the old ways obsolete.”

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