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Practice Management in Dentistry

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What Does It Really Take To Have A Highly Successful Practice?

Dental Practice Management CompaniesYou might think that having a thriving practice takes knowing the right way to run a practice as a business. Worse yet, also to know how to run your practice as a highly profitable BUSINESS, you had wrong information to believe, you must have precise scripts, the best business principles, and the most well defined and highly calibrated SYSTEMS. Sorry, dental school was morally and ethically deficient in educating you on the business world. What a disappointment for you to discover, that they failed you miserably, educating that all of the above were the secrets to deliver SUCCESS.

Dental Practice ManagementPractice SUCCESS goes far beyond knowing how to produce the results. Practice SUCCESS isn't the result of the right information, prescriptions, laboratory, tips, and manuscripts. There are other functions to master without which SUCCESS will not occur. These functions are about who you need to be as an OWNER, as a MANAGER, as a LEADER and as a MARKETER. If you can't be a powerful OWNER, an effective MANAGER, an inspirational LEADER, someone who ATTRACTS PATIENTS, then whatever information you have, then whatever actions you take will be INEFFECTIVE and USELESS.

Business of Dental PracticeIn order to experience the functions we talked about above you need to be or have been working in a dental practice. The people that are involved in our company, the Business Of Dental Practice LLC absolutely positively have many years of experience as practice management consultants, coaches and experts. Dr. Doherty has many years of experience as a COACH and dental practitioner. He has shared this experience with many of his many successful clients that are located throughout the United States.

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A former dentist, he established the largest fee-for-service dental practice in New Jersey before turning his attention to helping dentists dramatically improve their practices and lifestyles. To that end he founded Doctor's Financial Network, and Business Of Dental Practice LLC. Both of these companies are dedicated to assisting health professionals develop personal, professional and financial strategies. He is widely considered as having one of the best informed management and financial mind in dentistry today. His varied background as a Certified Financial Planner, former Investment Advisor, national lecturer, author, management and financial coach to the dental profession gives him a unique advantage in the coaching arena.

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Dental CoachDr. Hugh Doherty has been selected by Dentistry Today as one of the Outstanding Dental Coaches in the United States, for 19 CONSECUTIVE YEARS.


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Mastering the Business of PracticeWhenever a doctor who just graduated from dental school or who has never been exposed to the world of dental practice business, we recommend Dr. Marc Cooper’s absolutely outstanding book titled mastering THE BUSINESS OF PRACTICE. This book is a one-of-a-kind, educating process, whereby Dr. Cooper takes on individual PROBLEMS doctors encounter and helps them by supplying individual SOLUTIONS.


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Excellence in DentistryNo matter how much you want your practice to be about excellence in dentistry, no matter how much you wish it could be about the most exquisite and latest techniques, no matter how much you crave to learn and use the latest and greatest materials, no material no matter how much you yearn for dentistry to be about risk assessment, veneers, crowns, implants, and Invisalign the success of a dental practice will always and ultimately be determined by how your practice is run for a Net-Profit BUSINESS. It has requirements, necessities, invariant principles that must be followed. BUSINESS requires Leadership, management and OWNERSHIP.

Management and LeadershipCONTEXT is what really matters to be successful in dental practice. CONTEXT is key, decisive, all powerful and superior . CONTEXT determines what succeeds and what really fails. CONTEXT is crucial, and is the ultimate determinant. The CONTEXT of a dental practice is “FOR- PROFIT”. The only thing that succeeds in a “For- Profit”. CONTEXT is BUSINESS.

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Business Management and Leadership
  1. BUSINESS needs to figure out HOW to make money.

  2. BUSINESS needs to PLAN and execute so it makes more than it spends.

  3. BUSINESS needs to satisfy the needs of the EMPLOYEES and that is the doctor also.

  4. BUSINESS needs to enable the doctor owner to have a substantial return on investment.

  5. Marketing: The practice needs to provide products or services that people want and will pay for.

You have mastered the clinical side of practice. You can put on your CLINICIAN hat any time you want, and deliver great dentistry. You can put on your CAREGIVER hat and relate to your patients. But these two hats are so woefully insignificant to run your practice as a BUSINESS. You need a Leadership hat, Management hat, Marketer hat and Ownership hat. Then you need to know how and when to wear each of these hats.

Dental Coaching TeamOur coaching TEAM will educate, train and develop the doctor and their TEAM, to achieve ability, in each of these disciplines. Then when you finally learn what and how to be a Leader, Manager, Marketer and an Owner. Then you must practice and retain with discipline each one of these important functions,that you cannot do without to maintain and operate a Successful Practice.

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Dental Management CompaniesWhat's missing for doctors who have problems? i.e.such as heavy student debt, or have no ability to borrow money and buy a practice. What do they do? They are frustrated and just up and quit. Out comes the renowned quote, “Quitters Never Win And Winners Never Quit.” What's really missing for those doctors is the driving commitment to master BUSINESS. Also it is the failure to see the wonderful benefits that are associated with the the possibility of mastering Business Of Dental Practice that would give them the chance to have a wonderful LIFESTYLE.

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I see achieving BUSINESS SUCCESS as a means to an end. And that is to be a more powerful, more affective and more able human being who can now make a bigger difference not only with his or her patients, but also with their families, their communities and ultimately the world. Fear of asking for help will get you nowhere.

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Dental Practice Coach and Consultant

If you have no idea what you want to do, but you do know for sure that you don’t feel good about your practice and your life overall. Mostly, you are not a very “HAPPY CAMPER” today. A COACH will help you identify PROBLEMS and provide the proper SOLUTIONS, and most of all will assist you PLANNING the proper “GAME PLAN “and LIFESTYLE. ONE, that which truly fulfills you, and help you establish your "GOALS". Best of all they will help you reach those "GOALS". For sure, COACHES will help you focus better on your "GOALS" to be a WINNER. And we’ll most certainly will help you achieve them SUCCESSFULLY, more READILY and QUICKLY.

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FOUR: OUR main objective is to set up you doctor(s), your team and your practice in a correct and SUCCESSFUL direction.
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We will go over all the areas to show you what is working well and where you might have a few growth opportunities. If you would like a better LIFESTYLE and PRACTICE, you must take CONTROL of your dental practice. Our practice management program can be tailored to meet your specific GOALS and CHALLENGES.

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